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6 Apr

Allie has been gone all week to my mother’s in Florida.  It has really made me wonder what in the hell I ever did with my time before I had her.  I guess I did teenagery things since I was nineteen when I got pregnant.  I would have guessed I would have spent my week off of parenting doing way more exciting things. However, it’s been very structured.  Very adult.  Very boring, really. 

The older I get, the less judgmental I attempt to be. I would like to think I’m not at all judgmental, but I would also like to think I’m a really good singer.  Neither of these are true, that’s why you’ve see my videos and illegally downloaded my music, because my voice is so beautiful. Heh.  Anyway, I think no matter what, there are some things I will always judge people for: 

  • People that sing Kelis songs with conviction. Your milkshake brings no one to the farm, especially if it is a Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s. 
  • Parents that do not raise their own children.  I don’t mean those that give them up for adoption.  I mean those that dump them off on someone else while they party like a rockstar, and by rockstar, I mean redneck meth head.
  • Someone who is always complaining about something or requires some sort of drama to thrive in life.  It’s nice to be happy and not making a big deal out of issues every day.  Every one should try it. 

That’s really all I have.  Nothing else is coming to mind and all the rest of the things that I judge people for, I’m likely guilty of, so it doesn’t seem appropriate to list them.