Bon Jovi Cassettes

26 Mar

  When I was a little girl, I wanted to grow up and own a cassette tape store.  I would play for hours with all of my mother’s cassette tapes.  I would build towers out of Whitney Houston, Bon Jovi, Journey, etc. My store would be lined with various cassettes and the walls would be adorned with Guns N Roses and New Kids posters.  Technology obviously killed my childhood dream, as it would be difficult to convince people they should purchase cassette tapes for their iPods.

  When I was in middle school and until about two or three years ago, I wanted to write novels.  After I graduated from college, I did freelance writing from home and  in that time, lost any desire I ever had to profit from words. Something about churning out articles for dollars made me feel icky; like when you hear a song you think you might like then find out it is actually a Nickelback song, making it impossible for you to like it without losing all respect for yourself.   When I did try to work on actual writing ideas I had, I had no motivation because I had spent large portions of my day finding whimsical ways to describe products for children. Then I spent the rest of the day trying to promote those articles for enough clicks to make bonuses that made it worth my time. 

Today, while it was sunny outside, I spent the day studying so that one day I can argue with people that are infected with viruses about why they don’t need antibiotics, and why unnecessary antibiotics can be harmful. So much studying for a future filled with small arguments. 

I really wish cassette tapes were still around. I’m convinced if I had the chance to sling cassette tapes rather than study my life away, I would be super happy on this Sunday evening. 


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